Kadence Music Therapy provides a variety of services. Services include:


  • Music Therapy Sessions (In the home or the organizations)
    • Individual sessions
    • Groups sessions
  • Presentations and Workshops on Music Therapy and/or Music & Wellness
  • Community Partnerships
  • Program Consultations



There is no standard “music therapy session”.


Each music therapy intervention and session is carefully designed by a Certified Music Therapist to accomplish goals in the following areas:


  • Cognitive - Recalling memories or learning new information
  • Communication - Improving speech, language and self-expressing
  • Emotional - Increased self-esteem or learning coping strategies
  • Physical - Improving movement and motor skills
  • Social - Develop social skills or increased involvement in a group setting

Fees for services are based on number of participants, length of the session and location of the session. Please contact Kylie for a quote on services for you or your organization today!

Private individual sessions are documented in Mundo Pato.


A secure, electronic documentation software for small therapy centre. All parents or caregivers are given view access to all documentation for their family member receiving services from Kadence Music Therapy.


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